custom_rodsThe Barossa Valley based hot rod club – Valley Hot Rodders inc, has family based activities comprising of people from all walks of life.

Membership is welcome from people who have an interest in building and driving early vehicles of Pre 1964 construction, modified and made safer. The common bond of all our members is an interest in the satisfying sport of Hot Rodding. Members have the opportunity to exchange ideas and meet people from intrastate, interstate and overseas who have similar interests.
Involvement in the sport of rodding assists the individual to grow and de-velop personal qualities of responsibility, attention to detail and achieve-ments whilst fostering comradeship.

Established in 1973, the club is a member of the Australian Street Rod Federation and the SA Hot Rod Association. During this period, the club has hosted many rod runs in the Barossa Valley. Since 1992 hosting our ‘Cruise On’ event in January. This event is growing in popularity each year and members are encouraged to participate in the coordina-tion and management of it. This event builds teamwork within the club and a lot of enjoyment is shared by those that participate.

Our club has had many successes at the Adelaide rod shows, many individual and club trophies have been won.

Club meetings are held on the 3rd Sunday of each month at about 3.30pm and generally consist of a shared meal and get together after the meeting. Meetings include the whole family, this being a unique facet of the most car orientated clubs. We also hold numerous other so-cial events throughout the year and many of our members try to attend numerous runs within SA and interstate. Members are also willing to assist other fellow members who may be experiencing problems with building of their Hot Rods should they need some advice or even practical help on occasion.

Prior to membership, it is expected that members are given the opportunity to become well acquainted with potential new members and that prospective members attend at least 3 club meetings and some social events, prior to being accepted as members.

Application forms are available from the secretary

Street Rodding Facts

The Sport

Enjoyed by hundreds of thousands across America, Europe, Australia, Japan and New Zealand.
In Australia, the Australian Street Rod Federation (ASRF) was formed in 1968 and is recognised by the CAMS as this country’s authority on the sport.
South Australia has 250 members and eight active clubs spread across the state. There are a minimum of 250 enthusiasts outside the ASRF.
Rodders have achieved a high safety record over the years. The cars we drive are far removed from the jalopy category. The fact that two major insurance companies will comprehensively insure a street rod of far greater value and at cheaper rates than a late model Holden speaks for itself. The Cars
A street rod is constructed to the owners taste, each one is different.
The definition of a street rod is a pre 1949 vehicle that has a full chassis supporting the body.
Our vehicles are generally not in the high performance category. The maximum horsepower limit is worked out on power to weight basis.
Safety is a major factor in the building of a street rod, many safety modifications are made that were not found in the earlier vehicles.


The Future

Street Rodders are concerned about the environment, road safety and the furthering of the sport.
Enthusiasts are beginning to purchase late model engines for their pollution equipment and an increasing number are looking at unleaded fuel and LPG.
Street rods, like most special vehicles are not gross polluters. They are kept in a good state of tune and only cover low annual mileage’s.
Road safety is an attitude. Yes, we enjoy our cars but we also respect them. Our high visibility ensures we do not do anything too far out of line.
Any racing we do, is on a race track or drag strip.
Our club is happy to participate in Road Safety campaigns.